G20 Summit 2023: Host by India, New Delhi

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi expressed his confidence on Twitter saying that the “New Delhi G20 Summit will chart a new path towards human-centered and inclusive development”.

The Hon’ble President of India extended an invitation to leaders for T20 on September 9. The G20 was aimed at “One World, One Family and One Future”. The Prime Minister emphasized the importance of emulating Gandhi’s mission to serve the underprivileged. The original goals of the tg-2023 submission are to review all of these Culture, Education Development, energy, environmental, and agricultural improvements.

The Prime Minister said sharing a thread on X ‘India is delighted to host the 18th G20 Summit on September 9-10, 2023 at the iconic India Commentary in New Delhi.  It is the first G20 summit hosted by India.  I look forward to discussing follow-up questions with world leaders over the next two days. ‘

The African Union officially took the seat as a new member of the G-20 on September 9 at the invitation of the summit host and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

On September 10, Shah Rukh Khan tweeted his congratulations to the Prime Minister on the G-20 submission – ” Congratulations to Hon. PM


 ji for the success of India’s G20 Presidency and for fostering unity between nations for a better future for the people of the world.

It has brought a sense of honor and pride into the hearts of every Indian. Sir, under your leadership, we will prosper not in isolation but in Oneness. One Earth, One Family, One Future…”


During the G20 summit on September 9, the Prime Minister and other guests and other leaders observed a minute’s silence and paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi by placing a wreath.

This is the first time that the African Union officially joined the G-20 as a new member at the invitation of the President of India.

PM Modi and Luiz, the two leaders discussed ways to increase trade and cooperation in agriculture and technology.

As the G20 summit closed on September 10, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a gift to Brazil’s Lula.

This G20 reaffirms Russia’s isolation.  An overwhelming majority of G20 members condemn the war in Ukraine and its implications.

Some Important Steps of G20 Summit

  • The RBI is likely to start a digital rupee pilot in the call money market by October.
  • India and Saudi Arabia are likely to sign an energy cooperation agreement on Monday.
  • Accelerate strong sustainable inclusive growth.
  • The Turkish President comments on the Economic Corridor Plan.

At the end

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said You all know that India has the responsibility of G20 president till November 2023.  In these two days, you have given many suggestions and suggestions.  Again the review can be extended to speed up their progress.. …..I hope you all will join the virtual session and with that, I am announcing the end of G20 submissions.”

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