Russia Claims They Have A COVID-19 Vaccine: Why You Should Be Skeptical

The big announcement from Russian President Vladimir Putin last Tuesday was that the country has come out with a coronavirus vaccine. This announcement was followed up with another big revelation that one of his daughters has already been inoculated. They have named this vaccine sputnik V.

What precisely did he say?

The President spoke extensively at the launch of this Russian coronavirus vaccine and had to say that the product was proven efficient. He describes the product as stable immunity and stressed on the fact that it has passed every test. He also claimed that his daughter is feeling well after taking this experimental vaccine and spoke of the fact that she has developed several antibodies.

The scientists are however not convinced:

The Russian President has certainly made a tall claim but the experts are just not convinced about this latest offering from Russia. There is lack of any scientific data to back the President’s claim of a coronavirus vaccine. Does it produce any sort of immunity without the side effects? These are some serious questions, which need to be answered.

The lack of phase 3 trials:

This coronavirus vaccine developed by Moscow based Gamaleya research institute was introduced into the market without the critical stage 3 trail. This is a lengthy process and it involves thousands of participants for testing. The Russian healthcare minister Mikhail Murashko has said that this vaccine will be first given to health care workers and teachers. He said that it will be gradually rolled out to the rest of the population. However, experts have cautioned that introducing the vaccine to the population without widespread testing may have a significant negative impact.

Is it a global prestige fight?

There are plenty of views on why the Russian president hurried to announce the covid 19 vaccine. The experts are of the opinion that it is becoming a race or competition amidst various global powers. If Russia can manage to bring before the world the first such vaccine to confront this pandemic, it would be a huge boost for its image. This is something, which President Putin is desperate to boost up. The US, UK and Canada state that hackers with deep links to the Russian military intelligence have already attempted to steal the vaccine material in the quest to boost up their efforts.

Is there any hope of a vaccine?

The experts are not sure of the vaccine on offer from Russia but let me just take you through the global efforts being put in to develop a vaccine for Covid 19. Today there are many vaccines in the clinical trial phase and that includes the Russian vaccine. However, there are only three vaccines, which have entered the critical phase three trial. These are one each vaccine from the US, UK and China. Experts are confident that a vaccine for Covid should be in place quickly, but they are not ready to accept anything without the phase three trial.

This is a guide on experts’ view on Russia’s claim to have a Covid 19 vaccine. There are many who are just not convinced about the end product until the Russian authorities have completed the critical phase 3 trials. However, they are confident that in the next few months a vaccine should be in place to tackle this pandemic.

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